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Daily Answers

Word based puzzle games have received a lot of attention in the recent past among smartphone users. In fact, people prefer to play these games when they are free.

7 Little words Today

  1. More like Oscar Madison
  2. Covering in lard
  3. Just-picked quality 7 Little Words
  4. Mistake 7 Little Words
  5. The Divine Miss M
  6. Nervously discombobulated
  7. See in a new light
  8. Less tidy 7 Little Words

7 Little Words Bonus today

  1. Civilian who avenges a crime
  2. Intelligence 7 Little Words
  3. Amphibian or stove
  4. A word of warning
  5. Bee’s activity 7 Little Words
  6. Plane sheds 7 Little Words
  7. Heavy equipment manufacturer
  8. Keyword symbol 7 Little Words
  9. Favorite hangouts 7 Little Words
  10. In a general sense
  11. A judge may grant it
  12. Old camera’s need
  13. Interprets 7 Little Words
  14. The Enterprise was in it

The simplicity and convenience associated with the word based puzzle games has contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. When it comes to the word based puzzle games, Mystic Words holds a prominent place. It is somewhat similar to the 7 Little Words. Well we have the asnwers to both of these games, especially 7 little words (daily puzzles).

Mystic Words answers

Get all the answers to all levels (or categories) of Mystic words game here.

Download Mystic Words

Mystic words for iOS.
Download mystic Words for iOS (Iphone/iPad) from this link.

Mystic Words for Android?
At this time there si no version for Android. The developers are working on it, so as soon as a version for android users will be available, we will post the download link here. Note: there is a game called “mystic words” on Google play, but this has nothing to do with the mystic words game found on iTunes.

Mystic Words for Facebook?
There is no version of this game on Facebook games. Again, if a version for facebook users will be available, we will provide you with a link.

7 Mystic words answers?

Some people are confused about the name of this game. This game is called “Mystic words”, but in the logo the is the number “7”. So a lot of people think this game is called “7 mystic words”. The number 7, actually, refer to the number of puzzles found on each level.
Mystic words

Mystic words review

If you are a word mystic, Mystic Words would be the best application available out there for your smartphone. It has specifically been designed for the people who are interested in solving mystery of words.

The gameplay is a simple one and you will not have to go through any hassle in order to figure it out. All you need to do is to create different words of a theme with the help of a mysterious looking grid of letters. In other words, you just need to use the letters in this grid and solve mystery of words. Therefore, it can be considered as a new kind of word puzzle and board games available out there for the smartphone owners.

As you can see, the gameplay associated with Mystic Words is a simple one. However, the developers have taken necessary measures to make it an engaging game. This game would definitely challenge your spatial and word skills. Therefore, you will get hooked into the game soon after you start playing it. You can start playing Mystic Words with a simple grid that consists of 4 letters and 3 words. The complexity of the game would increase when you proceed to higher levels. For example, you would soon come to a 8 letter grid that consists of 6 words. You will also have to make fast moves when you are trying to solve the puzzles in higher levels.

Mystic Words game consists of 33 word categories. Business, fashion, animals, plants, games and sports are some of the categories that you can see in this game. Therefore, you will never get bored once you start playing the game. You just need to select any from the 33 word categories and start playing. This game consists of 1500+ different levels to complete and it will keep you engaged for several weeks.

Mystic Words has a daily puzzle mode as well. If you select this method, you will get 12 different puzzles to be completed per day. Or else, you can select the free play mode, which consists of 15 dictionaries, which can be used to generate random puzzles. Each level of Mystic Words comes along with 10 free hints. If you get stuck in a specific level, you don’t need to worry about anything because you can simply purchase more hints at a reasonable price tag. You can also find 11 different achievements in the game apart from three leaderboards. Therefore, people who play Mystic Words are guaranteed with unlimited fun.

Mystic words cheats.

Some games have some cheats codes where you can increase the number of coins. Unfortunately this is not the case for Mystic words. The only way to have more coins is to buy them. Actually, you do not really need more coins. We will provide all the answers to all levels of mystic words. You will earn 3 coins when passing a new level. You can use later these coins to unlock new levels or show the answers using 60 coins. This makes it so hard as you to pass a whole level you would need 420 coins.

You can buy some coins and I suggest you do, just to reward the createor of this amazing game.
Mystic words coins
However you will get stuck again soon, so it is better to use our website.


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