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Mystic Words Daily puzzles

Mystic Words daily: December 23, 2017 answers

  1. Devices for cold feet
  2. Kitchen gadget
  3. Highlander pattern
  4. Soup legume
  5. Market figure
  6. Bring in
  7. Seek advice from

Mystic Words daily: December 22, 2017 answers

  1. Mercury or Saturn
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Ranch enclosure
  4. Logo
  5. Cowboy’s seat
  6. Porcupine’s barbs
  7. Euphonium relative

Mystic Words daily: December 21, 2017 answers

  1. College official
  2. Become ready for picking
  3. Skimpy
  4. Layered pastry
  5. Cuba for example
  6. Judicial officer
  7. Violent weather

Mystic Words daily: December 20, 2017 answers

  1. Come clean
  2. Burrowing creatures
  3. Prayer ending
  4. Great pleasure
  5. Music genre
  6. Chaos
  7. Produced artificially

Mystic Words daily: December 19, 2017 answers

  1. Talk nonsensically
  2. Pottery material
  3. File partner
  4. Wheel correction
  5. Keep back
  6. Muscular canine
  7. Ale seller

Mystic Words daily: December 18, 2017 answers

  1. One engaging in clockwork
  2. Blink of an eye
  3. Verse
  4. Without a doubt
  5. Office machine
  6. Victory achievement
  7. Regress

Mystic Words daily: December 17, 2017 answers

  1. Link
  2. Wee pie
  3. Of an insect’s stage
  4. Challenge
  5. Vinegary
  6. Ship-holding device
  7. Give up

Mystic Words daily: December 16, 2017 answers

  1. Bumbling
  2. Place to draw water
  3. Onions’ kin
  4. Pat on the back
  5. They’re trying
  6. Procession
  7. Root vegetable

Mystic Words daily: December 15, 2017 answers

  1. Impudent
  2. Distended
  3. Full of energy
  4. Roundabout way
  5. Synthetic
  6. Quest for a refugee
  7. Waste material


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