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7 Little Words Daily puzzles

7 Little Words Words daily: June 21, 2018 answers

  1. Walked at a leisurely pace
  2. Mongrel
  3. Makes an effort
  4. Manually hemmed
  5. Opportune
  6. Like a wind-resistant tree
  7. Where you may find Area 51
  8. State of Las Vegas

7 Little Words Words daily: June 20, 2018 answers

  1. Munchkins’ guild
  2. Big winners in short
  3. Giving a finder’s fee
  4. Anti-pollution owl
  5. Trait of Bonneville Speedway
  6. Deep gaps
  7. Hides in fear
  8. Noddy’s inventor
  9. Norfolk Broads trait

7 Little Words Words daily: June 19, 2018 answers

  1. Like spirited entertainment
  2. Postpones
  3. What Lou Grant hates
  4. Like Oscar Madison
  5. Threadbare
  6. North West’s dad
  7. One who buries seeds
  8. Icelandic dairy dish
  9. Like Wayne & Waynetta


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