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7 Little Words Daily puzzles

7 Little Words Words daily: December 10, 2019 answers

  1. Town that Horton heard
  2. Use for air-filled devices
  3. Late TV actor Luke
  4. Kicking up your heels
  5. Without a sound
  6. Extremely scary
  7. Catering to sightseers
  8. Postman Pat’s village

7 Little Words Words daily: December 11, 2019 answers

  1. Covered in peaks
  2. Not eager
  3. Whodunits
  4. Went back
  5. Added bells and whistles
  6. Pieces of pie
  7. It’s not a copy

7 Little Words Words daily: December 12, 2019 answers

  1. Releases a breath
  2. Imitating a dog
  3. Lets happen
  4. Tennis champ Sharapova
  5. Going under
  6. Common brown bird
  7. Chewy spherical treats
  8. Chewy sweets


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