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7 Little Words Daily puzzles

7 Little Words Words daily: October 24, 2018 answers

  1. This jar stores a charge
  2. US Olympic diving great Greg
  3. Edison’s middle name
  4. Heavy ceramic cups
  5. V-shaped trucking mishap
  6. Most like down
  7. Facial configurations
  8. Ex-GB tennis No. 1 Greg
  9. V-shaped lorry mishap

7 Little Words Words daily: October 23, 2018 answers

  1. Straining
  2. Cobra’s pre-strike action
  3. Online home goods store
  4. 1937 Shirley Temple role
  5. What you mean to do
  6. Solar emissions
  7. Rats and cockroaches
  8. Dearest Monopoly property

7 Little Words Words daily: October 22, 2018 answers

  1. Mused morosely
  2. UPS deliveries
  3. Broke in and stole
  4. Squalid dwelling
  5. Where grocery carts roam
  6. Horrified
  7. One skilled in counseling
  8. England cricketer Ray
  9. Where shopping trolleys roam
  10. One skilled in counselling


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