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7 Little Words Daily puzzles

7 Little Words Words daily: August 8th, 2020 answers

  1. Walking in shallow water
  2. Without a doubt
  3. Think about
  4. Comedian and actress Tomlin
  5. Uncoordinated quality
  6. Wonder Woman’s tool of truth
  7. Moog keyboard
  8. Lightheaded quality

7 Little Words Words daily: August 9th, 2020 answers

  1. Cleaning appliances
  2. Positive emotion
  3. Where to hang up your coat
  4. Feisty person
  5. Observer
  6. Illogical nonsense
  7. Floods with emotion

7 Little Words Words daily: August 10th, 2020 answers

  1. Remove faded blooms
  2. Colorful news sidebar
  3. Black and white
  4. Canada-US crossing card
  5. Reflects
  6. Fermented tea
  7. House and Senate
  8. Colourful news tool
  9. London travel card
  10. Rooms of old


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