Download 7 Little Words

You can download Seven Little Words on any device or play it online for FREE.

In the past there were a problem with android users. Users outside US couldn’t download it on Google Play, iOS users were OK. It was really a shame because there a lot of US citizens outside US and billions more that are not americans but can speak English and I know for sure they would enjoy this game. So restricting the access to 7 little words was a big mistake for the developers, or may it was an unintentional mistake in the Google Play settings.

However this problem does not exist anymore. Since the new redesign the game can be downloaded from any country. So if you have an Android phone and think that you won’t be able to download it, visit the download links again, things have changed.

First did you know that you can play 7 little words directly from the web? Yes, the developer have made a web-version of this game, so you can pay even if you do not like having more apps on your phone. Just go to and you will find the daily clues for today. Note: The web version is not perfect; the bonus puzzles are missing. You will find only the normal 7 puzzles, there are no Bonus 1, bonus 2, bonus 3, bonus 4.

If you want to have to have the full experience of “ 7 little words” just download the app version. In addition to the normal 7 clues, you will find other 4 groups of bonus puzzles each having 7 clues.

Seven little words download

Download 7 little words for iOS (iPad/iPhone). There is a difference between iPad and iPhone version.

On iPhone you will find the regular daily puzzles and 4 more additional Bonus puzzles, but in the iPad version there are only 2 bonus puzzles. But you can change this by downloading the iPhone version on your iPad. Here is how:

  • First uninstall 7 little words from your iPad.
  • Go to App Store on your iPad.
  • Search for “7 little words”
  • Go to “Filters” and tap on “Supports”
  • The default is “iPad only”, change it to “iPhone only”. You will get the iPhone version now.
  • Downoad “7 little words”.
  • Do not forget to change “Supports” back to “iPad only” for future downloads.

Download 7 little words for Android. As mentioned earlier even if you weren’t able to downoad this app in the past, now you can.